Jan 2013 060-ed

This is why we do what we do!

One of our instructors received this note below from a past participant about her life after a Cooking Matters class.

“A participant who took the Cooking Matters for Diabetes class at Charles Drew Health Center called me this week. She wanted to let me know that she moved back home to Texas, and that she continues to use all of the information and recipes that she learned in class. She said it is amazing how good she feels when she eats right and that her and her young daughters still make recipes from the book. She also told me that the certificate she received actually helped her to get a job with the school district working in the cafeteria- without it she would not have had the job, and her manager acknowledged that this 6 week training would be beneficial to the job! She is so excited and happy and said she will be sending me a picture this summer of her “awesome body” – she has been working out regularly!”