Why We Do What We Do

Our main objective at Cooking Matters is to empower families to buy and cook healthy food. Our job is to provide nutrition education and cooking opportunities for participants to learn the skills they need to reach this goal. We regularly assess participant behavior change through end-of-course surveys. The data we collect is important for tracking the success of our program and the messages and comments written by participants really show Cooking Matters is helping local families improve their nutrition and overall health.

Here are some of our favorite quotes:

  • “Cooking Matters has been an amazing opportunity and benefit for our clients at Community Alliance.  Many of our clients are battling with chronic conditions such as heart disease, diabetes, and obesity.  Along with this is a daily struggle to obtain and utilize healthy meals for themselves and their families.  Cooking Matters aids our clients by teaching them, hands-on, the skills they need to make healthier choices in purchasing and preparing foods. Clients begin to see that what they eat has a great impact on their overall health and this class provides them with the tools to take control of their well-being.”

– Kara Rosonke, Health and Wellness Coordinator at Community Alliance

  • “I have always enjoyed cooking and am known for cooking from “scratch.” Since taking this class I have purchased a chef’s knife which has reduced my prep time and made my cooking experience more enjoyable. I enjoyed this class immensely. I am now incorporating more beans and canned tomatoes in my recipes. The recipes we prepared in class were easy to prepare, economical, and delicious!”

                          – Cooking Matters for Adults participant, Butler-Gast YMCA

  • This class… “has influenced me in a positive way. I’ve discovered that little things can make a big difference in my diet/health such as food labels. (It has given me hope.)”

                          – Cooking Matters for Adults participant, Women’s Center for Advancement

  • My favorite part of this cooking class was… “Well you know trying new foods, meeting new people and cooking healthy things that I like to go home and try to cook so that my family can try it and I would like to do it again because it was an amazing experience!”

                          – Cooking Matters for Kids participant, Howard Kennedy Elementary School

  • “I liked cooking turkey tacos. Those were AWESOME! Mostly I liked everything. It was awesome to try new foods.”

                           – Cooking Matters for Kids participant, South Girls, Inc.

  • “A few weeks before class, I would eat McDonald’s for breakfast and lunch almost every day. Now I can’t look at a fast food place without thinking about fat/cholesterol and I have cut those down drastically. I really loved the class and the instructors. Learning that I need better nutrition in addition to exercise I think will help me be healthier as a diabetic.”

                           – Cooking Matters for Adults participant, Charles Drew Health Center



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