Cooking Matters Omaha Crew

David Kinney

Program Coordinator

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Born and raised in Omaha, David has over 12 years in the culinary field.  Working everywhere from Retirement communities to independent restaurants and teaching with Cooking Matters to working at country clubs, he has worked with as diverse of a population as one really can.  With degrees in English and Culinary Arts and Management, he brings a fresh perspective to the Cooking Matters program in Omaha.  The ideals, process and impact that Cooking Matters has in the community is what drew him in and has kept him involved for over 4 years.

He loves to cook at home and privately cater parties, even catering his own wedding!  David also enjoys making stocks and smoking meat in his free time.

Anna Curry

Cooking Matters at the Store Coordinator/Class Coordinator

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Anna is originally from Omaha and graduated from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln with a degree in dietetics. Before Cooking Matters, Anna worked in many areas of nutrition, including weight loss and clinical nutrition, but she really has a passion for working in the community with nutrition education. She is currently pursuing her masters in Community Nutrition and Health Promotion at UNL and hopes to eventually become a registered dietitian. Anna has worked in the restaurant industry many years as well and currently works part-time at a sushi restaurant in addition to Cooking Matters. She also enjoys traveling, boating in the summers, eating great food, and spending time with her friends and their kids.


Kiaya Akromis

 Volunteer and Class Coordinator

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Before becoming an AmeriCorps member for Cooking Matters, she volunteered as a class assistant for six months. Kiaya became interested in nutrition while she was pursuing her bachelor’s degree in athletic training at Emporia State University. That is why she also decided to pursue a master’s degree in public health in nutrition. Kiaya feels so blessed to have gotten involved with Cooking Matters. She is learning and experiencing new things every day. She feels lucky to actually be excited to get up and go to work. Her favorite part is seeing those “ah-ha” moments in classes. After her year of service as an AmeriCorps, Kiaya was able to stay on as our volunteer coordinator as well as a class coordinator.



Neva Wolf

AmeriCorps Member/Class Coordinator

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Neva started as a volunteer class assistant with Cooking Matters in 2013 and is now an AmeriCorps with the program. She recently graduated from UNO with a degree in International Studies with a minor in Latin American Studies. She likes to read and crochet in her spare time and has a passion for travel. She joined the Cooking Matters team to make a difference in the Omaha and national community. She will pursue a graduate degree in International Development and Health Policy in the future.


Anne Hebert

AmeriCorps Member/Class Coordinator


Anne is a New Jersey native who’s road-tripped her way across the country. When she was little she wanted to be an astronaut, so she followed her dreams and studied English, Theatre Arts and Intergalactic Food Systems at McDaniel College. She’s always had a strong interest in cooking and nutrition. She previously worked with Cooking Matters as an Episcopal Service Corps member in Denver, Colorado and as a volunteer when she was living in Seattle, WA. Since she spends her spare time analyzing people she’s looking to pursue her Master’s degree in either Clinical Mental Health or Social Work. She also likes to crochet, read, write, cook, daydream, and read some more.

This is Anne’s first time living in the Midwest and she’s excited to do her Americorp year in Omaha!




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