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The sobering truth is that more than 16 million children in the United States are at risk of hunger. That’s nearly one in five children—whose family lacks the resources to provide the nutritious food he needs to thrive. And that number is likely to grow:

  • 22 percent of children in America live in poverty.
  • Child hunger is at record levels, and part of a three-year high trend since the federal government started tracking this statistic 16 years ago.
  • The highest unemployment levels in two decades and ongoing recession mean millions more Americans rely on local food banks and pantries.
  • More than 40 million Americans participate in federal nutritional assistance programs – the highest level in 40 years. The average benefit per person is less than $5 per day.

Hunger doesn’t discriminate. It strikes children in rural and urban settings, from single- and two-parent households, and it crosses all racial and ethnic lines. What all these children have in common is that hunger puts them at greater risk of suffering the lifelong consequences of impaired health and academic performance.

Sharing your strength through Cooking Matters goes beyond providing food: Your involvement provides the knowledge, skills and confidence families need to make the most of whatever resources they have and feed their families.

Join us on the frontlines as a Cooking Matters volunteer in one of the following roles:

Chef Instructors: Click here for more information on this role.

Nutrition Educators: Click here for more information on this role. 

Class Assistants: Click here for more information on this role.

Questions?  Please contact Anna Curry with Cooking Matters Omaha at or by phone at 402-930-4069.


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