Become a Cooking Matters Host Site

At this time, the Cooking Matters Program is no longer operating in Omaha, however it is still active at the national level. For more information about Cooking Matters in Omaha, please contact Kris Stapp at or 402-930-4075. For information on the national Cooking Matters program, please visit


Interested in hosting a Cooking Matters class or tour with your organization?


Classes are held at schools, community health centers, churches, food pantries, and many other locations that serve low-income individuals. Curriculum are available for adults, parents, teens, kids, and families. Our classes meet once a week for 6-weeks for approximately 2 hours. Lessons  focus on nutrition, menu planning, grocery shopping, and of course cooking skills!

Interested in becoming a Cooking Matters host site?

  • Organizations must serve low-income families (schools– 50% or more of kids receive free/reduced lunch)
  • Classroom space large enough with a sink for dishes. Kitchen not required!
  • A minimum of 8 participants that can attend class every week
  • Childcare must be provided for parent and adult classes
  • Class availability is limited. Priority will be given to classes for parents